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What is Graduly?

Provide Confidence to Your Students

Help your students make a sound repayment plan by considering projected future income and exploring ways they can reduce costs and avoid unnecessary debt.

Maintain Student Enrollment

Prevent students from dropping out of school due to finances. Graduly allows your institution to provide more accurate information to new and prospective enrollments.

Support Financial Aid Advisors

Financial Counselors want to see students leave their office with optimism. Graduly helps advisors to put financial responsibility and confidence in the hands of their students.

Financial Planning for Students

By merging a cost of living calculator, paycheck calculator, and student loan repayment estimator into a single, user-friendly interface, Graduly alleviates the complexities and struggles of financial planning. With the ability to simulate different financial scenarios, Graduly provides clear, actionable insights, enabling the creation of flexible and practical financial plans that even a novice can understand. With Graduly, students can pursue their degree with confidence. 

A Financial Advisors Go-To Resource

There’s a lot to think about when helping students consider their finances. Graduly allows financial counselors to help a student explore all their options and quickly demonstrate the difference between inadvisable debt, necessary debt, and strategically advantageous debt. See how Graduly can help you in your mission and give students the tools they need to make sound financial decisions. 

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Your University's Enrollment Insurance

Universities are struggling like never before to gain and maintain student enrollment. Not only are more young people viewing a degree as unnecessary, but many existing students are having a hard time paying for college. Approximately 41% of college dropouts cite finances as the cause for discontinuing their education, making it the number one reason people aren’t obtaining a degree. Graduly helps universities save by preventing the loss of revenue caused by unnecessary financial strain and by demonstrating to prospective students how the right approach can make paying for college much more feasible.  

This tool is perfect for helping students who are debt adverse or misunderstand the cost of living expenses. By providing clear, actionable insights and resources, we enable students to effectively plan for their financial future, reduce the risk of overborrowing, and remain in school to complete their academic journey.

Levi Wilson 

President of Graduly

Looking to improve the financial well-being of your university and it's students?